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More about cookies

Four Ways to Say No (Opt out)

Download opt-out cookies.

This is a process that usually involves clicking on a button to download the opt-out cookie. To do this, you go to the marketer's Web site, find the privacy policy, then find the "opt out" information. The cookie your computer will get tells the company not to track you anymore. Yes, it is a little bit of extra work to click on the links. See the "More About Opt Out Cookies" section below for more information.

Use the cookie management tools in your Web browser.

Also, use cookie management tools to be selective in what long-term cookies you accept. In the newest versions of most web browsers, you can set your browser to accept only session cookies, or to turn all cookies into session cookies. Session cookies are generally harmless. For Macintosh Safari users, you can tell the browser to only accept cookies from "the site you are navigating to." This means that you will not accept third party cookies. To explore what cookie settings are available to you, look in the "preferences" or "options" section of your browser's menu.

View current cookies and delete what you don't need.

Most Web browsers allow you to see what cookies you already have stored. You may have thousands of cookies if you are like many Web surfers. Some cookies, such as registration cookies for Web sites you visit frequently, are useful to keep around. But other cookies, like tracking cookies from,,,, and other advertisers aren't necessarily helpful to you. Delete the cookies you don't need, and do a periodic check every couple of months to weed out your cookie folder.

Check your account preferences on registration sites.

Some sites, such as eBay, require registration and the use of cookies. On eBay, for example, if you do not opt-out of advertising tracking, information about your eBay activities can be used by other sites and advertisers outside of eBay. EBay discloses this in its privacy policy. However, using your account preferences, you can opt-out of this kind of tracking. In this case, you are not downloading an opt-out cookie, you are setting a preference on a site where you have registration information.

For more information: the World Privacy Forum published a report about various kinds of online tracking cookies as part of its testimony about behavioral advertising to the Federal Trade Commission. That report discusses opt out cookies (see below), and it also discusses rarer kinds of cookies such as Flash Cookies, Silverlight Cookies, and others. The report is located here:

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